James Tilton

President & CEO

Member of the Board of Advisors

Mr. James A. Tilton has more than twenty years of experience working with publicly traded companies. He has been the CEO and President of six publicly traded companies since 1995.

Mr. Tilton has negotiated numerous acquisitions for the public companies that he has headed up. These acquisitions spanned the globe and include the U.S., U.K. Belgium, France, Vietnam, and China. He also has extensive business and marketing experience in the Far East and through Metallic Building Company, a subsidiary of NCI Building Systems (NYSE: NCS), for whom he marketed pre-engineered building materials in China. Mr. Tilton also assisted Star Brite, a division of Oceans Bio-Tech (NASDAQ: OBCI) in establishing a sales distribution system in China for its chemical products.

Mr. Tilton, since 1995, has been President and CEO, of China Food and Beverage Company (OTC: CHIF), From 2000 until 2014, he was the president and CEO of Twistee Treat Corporation, an ice cream franchise company.

Mr. Tilton is currently the president & CEO of our parent company Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV)





Jane Zheng

Vice President

Member of The Board of Advisors

Ms. Jane Zheng has been an officer and director of China Food & Beverage Company since 1995, heading up the company’s far east operations.

Ms. Zheng also served as vice president of operations for China and Vietnam for Gourmet’s Choice Coffee Company, Inc. from 1999 until 2007

In 1986, Ms. Zheng received her degree in engineering from Shanghai University, Shanghai, China. In 1994, Ms. Zheng received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Banking and Finance Management from Adelphi University, Garden City, New York.



Joe Ware

General Manager

Member of the Board of Advisors

Mr. Ware has been in business management since 1990. He currently owns "American Insurance Management" as well as "Outback Farms"

Mr. Ware is the father of 3 children and is working on  one of the best beer brands in the market!



Jamel Gordon

Vice President of Marketing & Development

Member of the Board of Advisors

Mr. Jamel Gordon has over a decade of marketing and branding experience that encompasses the northeastern United States, from Maine into Virginia. His enthusiasm, years of experience, and integrity makes him an integral part of the Tiger Hemp Beer brand.



Derrick Carter


Member of The Board Advisors

Mr. Derrick Carter joined Hemp Beer, Inc. as  Treasurer and Member of the Board of Advisors in December of 2018. Mr. Carter is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction for the Hemp Beer, Inc./Tiger Hemp Beer Brand. Within finance, he oversees the accounting, tax, and financial planning functions to pursue the company's aggressive growth strategy.

As a member of the board of advisors for Hemp Beer, Inc./Tiger Hemp Beer, Mr. Carter is a strategic partner with the rest of the board in achieving the Hemp Beer, Inc. mission.



Anthony Strong AKA "5ive Mics"

Brand Ambassador

Member of the Board of Advisors

With over a decade in entertainment spanning: music, movies, television, and stand up comedy 5ive Mics logical next step was to join the ranks of many in the entertainment industry in bringing brand awareness and promoting products. 5ive Mics made his decision to represent Tiger Hemp Beer after carefully looking over the recipe, graphics, and speaking with each member of management. Doing so allowed him to see what an incredible addition our brand is to the 5ive Mics brand.



Shane Wright

Head of sales

Member of the Board of Advisors

Mr. Wright has been in direct sales since 1985. He has raced drag Boats for both Miller Beer as well as Strohs. He has been involved in the industrial hemp industry since 1996, working with Bio Fuels and CBD, ran promotions for CULT energy drink. and now marketing and promoting Our brand.

Mr. Wright has learned a lot about marketing new products from some of the best. One of them being Al Copeland (owner of popeyes chicken and Copelands restuarants. As well as popeyes racing. Mr. Wright believes that our brand can be a serious contender with Miller, heinekan, and Abita in the U.S market.





Heath Lord

Ouachita Brewery Brewmaster

Member of the Board of advisors

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